Buffalo Sabres Tickets

Buffalo Sabres Tickets Have Hit Rock Bottom

Buffalo Sabres Tickets have hit rock bottom.  Dumpster Fire level.  Are you still one of the few Sabres fans left in Buffalo willing to go to a game?  Are you that bored or desperate for a bobblehead later this week?  If so, be ready to pay more for parking or a beer then actual Buffalo Sabres hockey tickets.  Here we are once again, in April, with meaningless hockey being played and the building half empty with no shot at making the playoffs.  Welcome to Hockey Hell.

Buffalo Sabres Tickets

The Sabres are a dumpster fire

Current Buffalo Sabres Ticket Prices

There are two remaining home games at Key Bank Center in the next three days.

The Nashville Predators game will cost you around $6.  And “Fan Appreciation Night” against the Senators is hovering around $13.  Last years Fan Appreciation game, the final home game, was being sold for about $35.  This is a huge difference in one year – and we were supposed to be better this year!

In November, during the winning streak (which was pure luck) where week day games were starting at around $50 on the secondary market – with extremely high demand the day of the game.

If you plan on going downtown to any of these games, maybe to get your Eichel bobblehead this Thursday, prepare to pay more for parking and a Key Bank Center cold hotdog then a ticket.  Can the Buffalo Bills season come quick enough?

Where do we go from here?

What are season ticket holders going to do this offseason?  Are the Buffalo Sabres and Pegula going to have another price increase?  It’s going to be the most interesting off season, since last offseason, and the fans want a new coach and or GM.  If no moves are made, I’d expect another lackluster renewal rate.

I hope to lose their final three regular season games to force Pegula to make ANOTHER coaching or GM change; it is necessary.  This team has no hope, heart, or shows any sign of improvement.  The only positive hockey news in Buffalo for April is the NCAA Frozen Four arrives on Thursday April 11.  Hopefully the “funeral like atmosphere” doesn’t carry over into that tournament…

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