Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots Tickets

Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots Ticket Prices

The Buffalo Bills play the New England Patriots this Sunday in beautiful Orchard Park, NY.  If you are planning on going to the game, I hope you already have your tickets because there aren’t many left!  What was once a $100 ticket in August is now approaching ~$160 per ticket.  This is truly a shock to Buffalo Bills fans and ticket fulfillment companies like us.  We shared this shock with Channel 4 News in Buffalo on Monday afternoon. We recommend you read their article and watch the video!

How Many Buffalo Bills vs. NE Patriots Tickets are Left?

As of Monday evening, there were about 2,400 tickets left on the market for this week’s game.  However, there are about 6,800 tickets on the secondary market for the Bills vs Ravens on December 8.  And the get-in price for the Ravens game starts at around $33.

What’s the Deal with the Prices?

In late August we started seeing an uptick in the home opener and NE Patriots game ticket prices.  This was observed as normal.  As the Buffalo Bills kept winning, and Allen improving, the secondary market made a noticeable shift in buyers demanding tickets to the Patriots game instead of the home opener vs the Bengals.  This was also a surprise!  We personally believe it is a mixture of three things:

  • The Buffalo Bills fans thirst to see a potential win against Brady and the Patriots
  • September home football games = better weather and better tailgating
  • The Process seems to be working, therefore prices are going up!

When Should I Buy Buffalo Bills Tickets?

It is always impossible to correctly predict where prices and inventories will fall in the coming days as we are in unchartered Bills Ticket territory.  If you are comfortable paying $160 per ticket plus fees to see the game, I recommend you buy now.  This is still a bargain for many other NFL cities for a “premium” game.  But, if inventories stay over the 2,000-seat mark as we approach the weekend, I anticipate sellers are going to lower their prices to start moving their tickets.  If you want to talk through this, you can always DM us on twitter with any questions!  Remember, our prices are usually about 10% less than Stubhub and you can save even more with promo code ‘buffalo’ at checkout.  We are also a Veteran Owned Business!

What About the Other Buffalo Bills Games?

There are four home games coming up over the next six weeks.  You could potentially go to two, maybe three, Bills games for the current price for the Patriots Game.  Here is a breakdown of the upcoming schedule and current “get-in” prices.

  1. Bills vs Patriots – $160 per ticket
  2. Bills vs. Dolphins – $75 per ticket
  3. Bills vs. Eagles – $92 per ticket
  4. Bills vs. Redskins – $50 per ticket

We will continue to provide updates on ticket prices throughout the year and some opinion articles on our beloved franchise.  If you haven’t already, take a look at our season preview.  And don’t forget, the Sabres are starting next week!

Go Bills!

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